'Spider-Man: Homecoming' Release, News & Updates: Composer Announced by Accident, Adds Another High-Class Member to Team; Hype Too Much?

By Dannel Picaccio Camille Perez Lozano , Updated Nov 08, 2016 08:38 AM EST

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" seems to be the biggest reboot yet to date - with a star-studded cast and a whole new fresh story to date, the film can do no wrong. More so that the musical scorer is no 'stranger' to the said genre, with all pun intended.

It was a miscalculated slip that Kevin Fiege announced the musical scorer of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" recently, specifically at the University of Southern California. The said news may not be too relevant to some, but there are those who may be particular in the makings of a good film such as the aforementioned.

"Doctor Strange" composer Michael Giacchino will be the one to make the score of "Spider-Man: Homecoming," as Slash Film reports. It was with slight uncertainty that Fiege announced the said fact, but more so that the composer himself confirmed the said information.

Through his Twitter account, Giacchino posted that the rumors are indeed true, and he will be the one to score "Spider-Man: Homecoming." For those unaware, Giacchino is responsible for the scoring of other Hollywood blockbusters such as "Up," "Inside Out," "The Incredibles," "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol," "Super 8" and the "Star Trek" franchise reboot. His works are not limited to the big screen itself, as the hit TV series "Lost" is also under the coat of the said composer.

Given that "Spider-Man: Homecoming" has such an expanded cast for the time being, it is somewhat questionable if the hype is too much for the said Marvel film. So far, there is not much negative feedback that has plagued the said standalone movie, or at least none of which halted its progression. The most recent bit of news to account for is the cast of villains allotted for the film, which continues to give fans reason to wait for further updates.

"Spider-Man: Homecoming" will have Vulture, The Tinkerer and Shocker as the main antagonists. Tom Holland will reprise his role of Peter Parker coming from his first appearance in "Captain America: Civil War" earlier this year.

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