‘Scream’ Season 3 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Show Renewed With Fewer Episodes! Does It Mean It Will Be Canceled?

By Jeanne Anne , Updated Nov 09, 2016 07:41 AM EST

MTV heard its fans cry as they now renewed "Scream" Season 3. The news came before the show's special Halloween episode aired, but the coming chapter will be only composed of six episodes. As the new coming installment is called "mini" for its fewer episodes, will this be the swan song of the television series adaptation?

MTV keeps mum about the rumors that the slasher-horror TV program will be canceled after "Scream" Season 3. To recall, the program mostly has 10 to 13 episodes and it comes a surprise to many that it will only contain six episodes this time.

With that, CinemaBlend reported that it is quite extraordinary that "Scream" Season 3 will be shorter and might be a sign of a possible cancellation. As a matter of fact, it is now being compared to the last season of "Game of Thrones" which also contains fewer episodes as it is reaching its ending.

Some are also puzzled that MTV renewed "Scream" Season 3, knowing that the network didn't really gather high viewership. Hence, some shows end up early or being canceled by the network. However, as the title recently got a special episode, then that might mean that it is indeed raking ratings.

According to Deadline, "Scream" Halloween Special set the stage for the coming "Scream" Season 3. The two-hour episode, which was aired on Oct. 18, continued the events from the last season after eight months when Kieran (Amadeus Serafini), who was revealed the killer in Season 2 finale, was arrested.

Moreover, just like when Season 2 was renewed, "Scream" Season 3, too, would have a new showrunner again. In fact, MTV is now looking for new replacements and fans can expect "Scream" Season 3 to have a lot of developments. MTV has yet to announce the release of "Scream" Season 3, but some expect it to return in 2017.

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