Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: Microsoft Releases Another Game After ‘Skate 3’ For Only $9.99; Buying Tips Revealed

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 12, 2016 05:19 AM EST

Xbox One's backwards compatibility has another Xbox 360 game added to its library. After the release of "Skate 3" on Xbox One, Microsoft adds another game, the "Scary girl."

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: "Skate 3" Added On Library

According to iDigital Times, "Skate 3" is officially on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility. Some DLC are also available for a limited time. Microsoft has teased its players for some time that it will be backwards compatible with Xbox. Reddit user Sanitary Gecko has also spotted "Skate 3" highly advertised on Xbox 360 dashboard for Backward Compatibility.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Update: Microsoft Adds "Scarygirl"

Microsoft adds another game to Xbox One's backwards compatibility library just hours after the release of "Skate 3." In Express, Xbox One backwards compatibility offers another new game -- the live arcade "Scarygirl." It is available for only $9.99 from the Xbox store. Players can get it online or through the Xbox One console. For players who already own Xbox 360 adventure game, "Scarygirl" automatically appears and downloadable in the My Games and App Section of the Xbox One dashboard.

"Scarygirl" is an adventure game inspired by Nathan Jurevicius "Scarygirl" graphic novel. In the novel, an abandon girl in a pirate getup with a tentacle arm is tasked to discover what happened to the Tree of Knowledge. A giant octopus, a mystical Kung Fu rabbit and some vendors come to her aid. She also enters a shadowy version to unveil wicked attacks.

"Skate 3" and "Scarygirl" are made backwards compatible on Xbox One together with "Blue Dragon," "Limbo," "Mass Effect 2,"and "Mass Effect 3." The Xbox Backwards Compatibility library also adds "Rage," "Killer Is Dead,"Shred Nebula," "Guardian Heroes" and "Operation Flashpoint: Red River."

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility: Steps To Play And Buying Tips

To get hold and play the backwards compatible Xbox 360 games, players must visit the My Games and Apps section. This can be found on the Xbox One dashboard. The players who own digital games can just download it. Those who own original Xbox 360 discs can insert the discs into the console and install them directly. Inserting the discs is necessary every time gamers play the game.

According to GameSpot, if you want to buy and gain access to Xbox 360 games that are backwards compatible, check for the library and new games. There are still a lot of new games to check out for free. If you are an Electronic Arts Access subscriber, checking out the games is made easier. EA Access costs $5 every month or $30 every year. Access offers discounts and early access to upcoming games.

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