PlayStation 5 Release Date, News & Update: PS5 Will Come In 2018 To Compete With Microsoft’s Xbox 2? Possible Features Revealed!

By Staff Reporter , Updated Nov 12, 2016 09:46 AM EST

The video console fans are now waiting for the coming of PlayStation 5 after they are treated with the release of PlayStation 4 Pro recently. With that, there are swirling rumors that the successor of PlayStation 4 will be unveiled in 2018.

With the recent release of PlayStation 4 Pro, game enthusiasts understand that they won't see the glimpse of PlayStation 5 next year. In fact, the CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Andrew House explained that this will be the "substantial period of time" for the PlayStation lineup.

As a result, it could be predicted that PlayStation 4 Pro will be outshined in a brief moment, especially as Microsoft warns everyone that its Project Scorpio will be more powerful among others. Will Sony release PlayStation 5 in time with Project Scorpio? 

Will PlayStation 5 Come In 2018?

Sony might now have a reason to push the release of PlayStation 5 with the threat of Microsoft's Project Scorpio or also known as Xbox 2. However, the 2018 release of the said video console is only an assumption and not yet being confirmed by the company.

But, a known Wall Street Journal writer Takashi Mochizuki revealed a prediction of a known analyst about the coming of PlayStation 5 on his Twitter page. "PS4 Pro? Wait, what about PS5? Macquarie's Damian Thong who correctly predicted PS4 slim and Pro says PS5 may arrive in 2nd half of 2018," he tweeted.

Damian Thong has been known for correctly predicting the release of PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation Slim. Hence, does PlayStation 5 will really come in 2018?

Possible Features Of PlayStation 5

Meanwhile, as fans are now anticipating the coming of PlayStation 5, they are now predicting the possible features of the new console. A PS5 website claimed that the new version of PlayStation is more likely to have a native 4K for everything. It is widely anticipated that 4K will become the new standard and might be carried by Xbox 2, so it might be also added in PS5.

Aside from that, PlayStation 5 is assumed to have a Wireless VR. The use of VR nowadays is evidently prevalent. In fact, PlayStation VR's sale has a good start. With that, it is expected that PS5 will have a more modern VR gear that might be wireless.

As the release of PlayStation 4 Pro upsets some for not having much development the game enthusiasts expect, there's a big possibility that Sony will apply all these advancements in the coming PlayStation 5. And with the great competition today, PS5 might come sooner than later.

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