A Thorough Dive Into 'Kingdom Hearts III,''Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8,' 'Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix,' 'Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5'

By Ben Lindon , Updated Nov 15, 2016 08:28 PM EST

Although Square Enix guaranteed to remain silent when it comes to "Kingdom Hearts III" until after "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8" Final Chapter Prologue releases next year, the official Twitter account of "Kingdom Hearts" posted two new images today. The new screenshots released are intended to tide fans over.

Apart from the announcement that "Kingdom Hearts 1.5" ReMix and 2.5 ReMix will be bundled and be available to PS4 next year, two short glimpses of "Kingdom Hearts III" also debuted as reported by IGN. As the tweets explain, the first screenshot shows the newest Drive Form for Sora. Titled Guard Form is the latest iteration of Sora's expanding wardrobe and appears to transform the keyblade into a shield.

The Hercules world, on the other hand, also showed up in the previous "Kingdom Hearts III" trailers. However, the two, new images, both provide a new look at a place previously unexplored in any iteration of Hercules' location. Sora seems to be on Mt. Olympus instead of the Coliseum as in Underworld or "Kingdom Hearts."

The second image is probably more puzzling as it comes saddled with caveat from the "Kingdom Hearts" official Twitter account. The image showed Sora's hand placement on the keyboard, which is a bit odd, suggesting an intense attack-focused Drive Form.

Meanwhile, Square Enix announced that both "Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5" and "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5" Remix will be made available for PlayStation 4 on March 28, 2017 in North America and March 31, 2017 in Europe. The collection includes six "Kingdom Hearts" titles to Sony's newest console.

"Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5" ReMix includes the Final Mix, Re:Chain of Memories, and 358 Days. The Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix, on the other hand, includes the Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, Birth by Sleep Final Mix, as well as Re:coded.

The new entry in the series, "Kingdom Hearts III", was announced in 2013 based on the report of GameSpot. It doesn't have an exact release date yet, though it is certain that it will be available to both Xbox One and PS4. Watch "Kingdom Hearts 3" - DRIVE FORMS RETURN! NEW SCREENSHOTS!

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