‘Scalebound' Release Date, News & Update: New Game Allows Players to Control and Customize Their Own Dragons

By Gloven Ramos , Updated Nov 14, 2016 12:58 AM EST

PlatinumGames new video game "Scalebound" is going to be released in 2017. In the game, the main protagonist Drew will be battling in the world of Draconis together with his dragon Thuban.

Players have access and can use a variety of amazing weapons to defeat the enemies. They can also give commands to their dragon Thuban, and even control it, to assist them in battles. In "Scalebound," the developer focused on the qualities of the graphics and role-playing instead of action.

Thuban, the dragon, is usually controlled by artificial intelligence, but the players can command it when performing attacks. The trainer and the dragon are bonded together. Both will die when one of them dies during the game. "Scalebound" has a mode called the Dragon-Link mode which allows the player to ride and control Thuban in the game from Drew's perspective. However, even the Dragon-link mode, Drew is still vulnerable to the enemy's attacks.

According to a report from Polygon, the game creator made an interesting note concerning the look of Thuban. There are three types of dragons in the "Scalebound" game with different characteristics. Through the game customization, players can blend the three dragons' appearance and abilities. Players can also modify the armors, skills and abilities. They can also upgrade their skills by using the gems dropped by the enemies.

Other amazing features in the "Scalebound" is the ability of Drew to shapeshift into a half-dragon hybrid. Obviously, this mode will give him more strength and power to his special abilities. The second feature is Thuban's amazing special elemental attack using the Berserker mode. This ability is common to all dragons within the game.

Hideki Kamiya, the creator of "Scalebound" game, showed a pre-recorded video of the gameplay that exhibit the bond between Drew and Thuban. Kamiya also said that through the advanced customization, players can actually able to create their own dragon.

The developer of "Scalebound" also confirmed that the game will have cross-play capability. The game will be released on 2017 for Xbox One and Windows 10. The game runs at 1080p on Xbox One and 4K on PC.

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