Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Rumors & Updates: iPhone 8 Could Bring Truly Wireless Charging -- From 15 Feet Away!

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Nov 14, 2016 12:53 AM EST

Apple's much awaited smartphone might take wireless charging to the next level. Latest rumors have hinted that the device can be charged from a distance of up to 15 feet, adding curious anticipation to Apple's next generation flagship phone.

Wireless charging was first introduced by Samsung when they launched the Galaxy S6. Instead of using traditional connectors that charge your phone by connecting it to a charging adapter. Samsung's device relied on a charging pad. The new technology was a hit and consumers were treated with a seamless charging experience compared to the traditional plug-and-charge module.

Apple iPhone 8 Latest News, Rumors and Updates: The New iPhone 8 Can Charge Your DeviceFrom 15 Feet Away 

In an article published by BGR, Apple is rumoured to be working with a company called Energous to develop the new wireless charging technology for iPhone 8. A recent patent that was released by Apple coincides with the rumors swirling around the device. The patent named as "Wireless Power Utilization in a Local Computing Environment" basically describes how devices can be charged using magnetic resonance.

Variants of the iPhone 8 are reported to equip a module that connects to a transmitter that is plugged in a wall socket. The rumors about the new charging technology claim that you be able to charge your phone as far as 15 feet without any physical restriction; making the experience the first true form of wireless charging.

Apple iPhone 8 Latest News, Rumors and Updates: Apple Has Been Testing Wireless Charging to Coincide With the Flagship Phones 10th Year Anniversary

In an earlier report from Nikkei Asian Review, it is reported that Apple is working with Foxconn to produce and manufacture wireless charging modules to be used on Apple's iPhone 8. An industry source familiar with the matter has indicated that Apple is pushing the new tech to coincide with its 10 year anniversary.

However the source also said that it is still unclear whether the iPhone 8 models will come equipped with the wireless module when they are released in 2017. Apple Inc. did not respond to an email confirming the new wireless module and Foxconn declined to comment on the rumor.

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