'Warframe' Gameplay, Latest News & Update: 'The War Within' Update Now Live; New Armor & Weaponry

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Nov 13, 2016 06:53 PM EST

Good news to "Warframe" fans around the world, the much awaited update to the game has finally arrived! The famous game is based on members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors that are awakened from centuries of cryosleep.

"Warfame" is a third person shooter developed by Digital Extremes. It is compatible with the three major gaming platforms like the PC, Sony's Playstation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One. Fans of the game will be thrilled with the new updates.

"Warframe" Latest News & Updates: Highlights From The New Update

An article on PC Gamer has gotten fans excited, as the massive update includes a new chapter of storyline along with highlighted new items. The "Warframe" update comes along after the last game overhaul on June 9; after five months of eager anticipation from the title's worldwide fan base.

The game is essentially getting bigger and bigger every year and each gamer can't just wait to try out the new quest that comes along with a new storyline. "Warframe" fans can also enjoy a wide array of new items like new armor and weaponry.

"Warframe" Latest News & Updates: New Cinematic Quest and Gameplay

You get to take on a former ally as the Grineer Empire is continually growing. Learn the Empire's secrets and take on a journey with bare stats. You are basically forced out of your comfort zone as you battle your way to the Queen's fortress and learn more about the Tenno's past and thier true powers and abilities in this latest "Warframe" update.

Warframe Latest News And Updates: New Tileset, Weapons and Customizations

Embark on a quest through the Kuva Fortress and go up against Grineer's most advanced Fortifications. Journey through strange and intricate elements that are painted red and black on Grineer's most decorated Fortress. A new breed of Grineer weapons can be used against the Empire; surely fans won't feel disappointed with Warframe's new massive update.

An article posted by Eurogamer details comments by Digital Extreme in an open letter. The developer is introducing an dangerous and awe inspiring environment and they are pushing the current engine technology to deliver graphic improvements that come along the new overhaul.

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