Which Console Is The Best Buy: PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS?

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 14, 2016 03:49 AM EST

With all the consoles that are being released once in a while, players can't seem to get a clear mind on which console they should buy---the best one for them. Numerous companies have been making consoles and two of the notable and prestigious companies are famous because of their consoles released a year or two before.

These consoles are the PlayStation Vita/PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS from Sony Company and Nintendo, respectively. Players are conflicted which one to buy, especially those who saved up money to buy a newer console that will play the games they want. A comparison will help them fin their own conclusions.

PS Vita

The video fomr TGN has reasons why you should own a PS Vita. Owning a PS Vita is amazing because it has the main memory of 512 MB and VRAM of 128 MB. The weight is approximately 219 grams, which is not that heavy for a portable device. The screen is LCD that support 16 million colors and is 5 inches. Has built-in stereo speakers and microphone. Can also connect to a wi-fi connection and has bluetooth for sending files. You can view the specs here in detail from the official webpage of Sony Play Station.

Nintendo 3DS

On the other hand, owning a Nintendo 3DS makes everything easier as well as much as PS Vita does. The two portable gaming devices mentioned have 3D interface and colors, but the main difference is that Nintendo 3DS has double screens, the top for display and the bottom for touch screen. Aside from 3D interface, the camera on top of the device also is 3D supported for Augmented Reality. Games make use of the touch screen and camera as well as the built in microphone. You can view detailed information of Nintendo 3DS here

Finally, the two seem similar, but the number of screens are greatly different with each other. It is your choicec which based on your preferences. Both of the portable consoles feature an augmented reailty that makes the games more immersive and fun.

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