'Super Mario Run' Release Date, News & Update: Nintendo Will Release Mario Game In December On All iOS Phones; Android Release Still At Works

By Daniel Flores , Updated Nov 14, 2016 12:37 PM EST

Nintendo had been busy as the Japanese company launched multiple games and gaming consoles in the past months. In the Apple event held on September, Nintendo announced that Apple and the Japanese will have a partnership related to the upcoming release of "Super Mario Run" for the iOS devices.

'Super Mario Run' On iOS Phones

"Super Mario Run" will bring back the childhood years of most gamers on the iPhone variants with the help of Apple. "Super Mario Run" will be released in the following month only for iOS devices.

This announcement from Nintendo in the Apple event in September brought more than 20 million notifications from Mario fans. "Super Mario Run" will definitely be successful for Nintendo when the mobile app is released in December.

Nintendo doesn't have any official announcement whether "Super Mario Run" will also be available on the Android platform. Although "Pokemon Go" has been available in both the iOS and the Android platforms for months, Nintendo would be wise enough to include "Super Mario Run" in the Android devices.

"Super Mario Run" is set to be released to 150 countries worldwide to be enjoyed by millions of gaming fans who grew up with the game since in the 1980s. "Super Mario Run" is said to have a one-time payment requirement in order to unlock all its features.

Meanwhile, Nintendo has other offerings for its fans all over the world as the Japanese company also released various games and gaming consoles in the previous months. Nintendo has been making news with the "Pokemon Go" augmented game released on June, the announcement of Nintendo Switch, the recent launch of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition platform, and the upcoming "Pokemon Sun & Moon" game for gaming consoles.

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