'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date, Gameplay, Latest News & Update: Highly Anticipated Storyline Leaked Online; Game Hits Market in 2018

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 16, 2016 02:16 AM EST

Square Enix installment "Kingdom Hearts 3" will soon be released online. Its highly anticipated storyline has leaked and increased fans' excitement.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" Latest News & Update: Twitter Post Reveals Storyline

According to Fab Newz, the release of "Kingdom Hearts 3" has already hit the headlines for some time. It has made fans to speculate and anticipate it. A twitter post has recently leaked its storyline and screenshot. This has been spread online and it created a fuss around "Kingdom Hearts 3."

The screenshot of "Kingdom Hearts 3" reveals another Keyblade war between Sora, the protagonist of the storyline, and Master Xenohort, another keyblade master. Sora is portrayed as a grown up man with a habit of fighting against darkness.This is the same habit he had when he was a child. It was revealed that Sora has eventually realized that all of these happen because of Master Xenahort wishes. Everything is happening just as what Master Xenahort has planned. This paved the way for the final battle between the light and the dark in "Kingdom Hearts 3," the Keyblade War II.

In "Kingdom Hearts 3" Keyblade War II, Sora, and his companions must gather the seven guardians of the light. It was revealed that Donald and Goofy will accompany Sora as they find the Key to Return Hearts. On the other hand, Sora's best friend Riku will be looking for another Keyblade wielder together with King Mickey. Sora is the only hope in "Kingdom Hearts 3."

"Kingdom Hearts 3" Latest News & Update: Release Date Revealed

MNR Daily reports that "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be launched in 2018. It will feature worlds that "Kingdom Hearts 3" fans have never seen. These include "Big Hero 6" world where Evil Baymax will also be brought in.

Producer Roy Conli of Walt Disney Animation Studios has already confirmed the crossover of worlds during D23. Fans will need to wait for the specific date when Square Enix will release "Kingdom Hearts 3." The title for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles are still on development.

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