Xbox One Backward Compatibility New Games, Gameplay & Latest News: ‘Dead Space Ignition’ & ‘Escape Dead Island’ Now Available

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 17, 2016 08:51 AM EST

Microsoft adds "Dead Space Ignition" and "Escape Dead Island" into the Xbox One Backward Compatibility library. These are now available for download and pre-order at Xbox store.

Microsoft's Major Nelson recently revealed in a Twitter post that "Dead Space Ignition" and "Escape Dead Island" are now available in Xbox One Backward Compatibility Games. Mspoweruser confirms this and says that these new games add to the growing number of over 280 Xbox 360 games on Xbox One as part of its Xbox One Backward Compatibility program.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Gameplay: New Game Details Revealed

According to Dualshockers, "Dead Space Ignition" on Xbox One combines interactive comic-style story and three unique hacking mini games. These include Hardware Crack, Trace Route, and System Override. These games will give players an arcade experience and challenges them with puzzles and twitch gameplay. "Dead Space Ignition" players can also choose their own adventure type story and allows players to survive Necromorph outbreak in different ways. Once each player finishes the game, exclusive suits will be unlocked and may be used in "Dead Space 2."

"Escape Dead Island," on the other hand, is a survival and mystery game that is set on the island of Narapela. This happens after the original "Dead Island" zombie outbreak. Players of "Escape Dead Island" will play documentary journalist Cliff Calo, document the unexplained events on Banoi, and look for the origins of the zombie virus. Players will only use makeshift weapons against infected zombies. "Escape Dead Island" will also choose between stealth and combat in the game.

Xbox One Backward Compatibility Gameplay: New Games Now On Sale

"Dead Space Ignition" and "Escape Dead Island" will be automatically available for players who own Xbox 360. Players can also buy the games in the Xbox Live Marketplace. "Dead Space Ignition" is on sale for $5 USD while "Escape Dead Island" is on sale for $20.

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