Fan Created Pokemon Fusion Site Allows Users To Mix And Match

By Ural Garrett , Updated May 28, 2013 07:58 PM EDT

Mobile game designer Alex Onsager created one of the coolest Pokémon fan sites around with Pokémon Fusion.

The site splices together first-generation sprites from Nintendo's hit franchise and combines them in interesting ways.

It's popularity has grown through artistic recreations of fusions through social media sites like Tumblr.

This comes as Pokémon X/Y makes its debut on Nintendo's 3DS release worldwide in October. As the first time the series will feature full polygonal 3D graphics on a handheld, Pokémon X/Y will finally allow movement in all directions outside of having the ability to interact with pieces of enviroment including benches. Nintendo announced the title and first gameplay details in mid January during its Nintendo Direct 2013 presentation. New Pokémon and species will complement those from previous generations reappearing.

International Digital Times leaked a few new gameplay details. According to reports player's trainer(girl or boy) will have light customization, be based in a France inspired region named Karosu and rideable Pokémon.

On the home console front, Nintendo recently released Pokémon Scramble U for the Wii U in Japan last month. A sequel to Pokemon Rumble Blast on the 3DS, the game will use the Wii U Gamepad's NFC function in a way similar to Activision's Skylander series and Disney's upcoming Disney Infinity.

Expect Nintendo to speak more on the franchise at next month's E3 in Los Angeles.

Watch the trailer for Pokémon X/Y below:

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