‘Pokemon Sun and Moon' Europe Hits 2.1 Million Copies Sold; See How the Game Continues to Break Records in the Market

‘Pokemon Sun and Moon' Europe Hits 2.1 Million Copies Sold; See How the Game Continues to Break Records in the Market

A stagerring 2.1 million copies of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has been sold in Europe according to Nintendo UK.

by Staff Reporter

How To Obtain Magearna QR CODE Event - Pokemon Sun and Moon

'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Update: Mythical Pokemon Magearna Now Available for Claiming; Meloetta Also Out for 'Pokemon X & Y'

Two new Mythical creatures have been released by Pokemon. Magearna is now available for 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' players, while Meloetta has been released for 'Pokemon X & Y' and 'Pokemon Sapphire & Omega Ruby.' Magearna can be claimed at any time as long as the player completes the main story,while Meloetta will only be available until December 24.

by Astrid Cho

Pokemon Sun and Moon - Magearna Event Gameplay

'Pokemon' Latest News & Updates: There Are Two Mythical Pokemon Given For Free As Part Of Pokemon 20-Year Anniversary. Find Out Here!

As part of Pokemon 20-year anniversary celebration, Magearna of “Pokemon Sun and Moon” and Meloetta of "Pokemon X/Y" and “Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby are given away for free.

by Cores Grace Malaay

How To Obtain 20th Anniversary Meloetta Event!

'Pokemon Sun & Moon' News & Updates: Nintendo Is Now Making Meloetta Live For Generation 6, Here's Where To Get It

Even though "Pokemon Sun & Moon" is all the rage now, Nintendo is still busy taking care of those playing "Pokemon X & Y" and "Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire."

by Joe Marsalis

Top 10: Exclusive Nintendo 3DS Games

Nintendo Black Friday Deals: Best Deals On Nintendo 3DS For Black Friday 2016

American retailers Wal-Mart and Target will feature big discounts for Nintendo 3DS games in the upcoming Black Friday Sale.

by Ceage Sotto

Pokemon X/Y

Pokemon X And Y Patch 1.3 Released: Check Out New Versions Of Pokemon Entrances Via The eShop

Nintendo isn't done with Pokemon X or Y just yet. On the eve of Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby, the company has released a new patch updating the online functions and Pokemon animations for the game.

by Steve Buja

Pokemon X And Y

Head On Down To Gamestop And Pick Up A Free Diancie Pokemon For X/Y Until November 16

The GameStop Pokemon promotion continues. From now until November 16, players can pick up a free Diancie Pokemon for Pokemon X and Y, which they can transfer over to the upcoming Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.

by Steve Buja

Shiny Mega Gengar

GameStop And Pokémon Embrace The Halloween Spirit With Shiny Mega Gengar Event

Pokémon and GameStop are counting down the days until Halloween with a new promotion starring Gengar, the original Ghost Pokémon.

by Connor Sears

Pokemon X And Y

'Pokemon X And Y' Update: Nintendo To Release Unique 'Fancy Pattern' Vivillon To Celebrate 100 Million Trades

Pokemon X and Y has a great, full-fledged online trade network, which has seen dozens of millions of transactions since the titles' releases. To celebrate approaching 100 million trades, Nintendo has announced the upcoming release of a special edition Pokemon.

by Matthew Buzzi

Pokémon 2DS Bundle

Pokemon X and Y Offline Today Due to Nintendo eShop Maintenance Downtime

Prepare yourself, Poke-addicts.

by Alex Riviello

Pokémon 2DS Bundle

Free Copy of Pokemon X or Y for Registering on Club Nintendo

All you need is a 3DS/2DS and a game and you'll get free Pokemon.

by Alex Riviello

Pokemon X and Y

Pokemon Bank Finally Launches in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

Available now to download in Nintendo eShop.

by Alex Riviello


Pokemon Animated Cartoons Come To Hulu

Hulu strikes deal to be exclusive home for Pokemon anime.

by Alex Riviello

Pokemon X and Y Legendary

The Nintendo Network Goes Down Among Hordes of New Users

It's a good problem for Nintendo to have, at least.

by Alex Riviello

Pokemon Fusion(Screen Shot)

Fan Created Pokemon Fusion Site Allows Users To Mix And Match

Those dreams of seeing the unholy results of blending Magneton and Nidoqueen can now be realized. Finally.

by Ural Garrett

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