Nintendo New Games, Latest News & Update: 'Swapnote' Successor, 'Swapdoodle,' Now Available On 3DS eShop; More Add-ons Released

By LJ Joseph , Updated Nov 19, 2016 04:01 AM EST

Nintendo has released its newest app "Swapdoodle" on 3DS eShop. It allows users to create doodles and messages just like its predecessor, "Swapnote." Nintendo also allows users to purchase more add-ons to make users better at using "Swapdoodle."

Nintendo New Release & Update: "Swapdoodle" Features

IGN reports that Nintendo just announced the release of "Swapnote" successor, the "Swapdoodle." It is a free drawing application that allows its users to create doodles and messages then send it to others. These can be sent to Nintendo 3DS friends list via SpotPass just like "Swapnote."

According to Kotaku, "Swapdoodle" features messages and doodles with Nintendo 3DS friends and allows drawing 3D doodles on two layers. Users can also place a sticker of Mii character's face in different emotions, and send in-game screenshots. It also offers add-ons packs to improve application experience, and lessons featuring different characters such as those in "The Legend of Zelda," "Super Mario" and "Splatoon."

Nintendo Update: "Swapdoodle" Is Free; Lessons Are Paid

"Swapdoodle" can now be downloaded for free but its users must purchase extras and add-ons to make the best out of the application. One of the extras is the paid lessons. These include 12 Lesson Packs that can be purchased for £6 as part of Premium Packs.

Through the multiple tutorials, users can learn how to sketch a variety of Nintendo characters in "Swapdoodle." Each lesson is based on different game series including Super Mario and Animal Crossing.

Purchasing the Lesson Packs also gives its users additional colors for doodling. There are two Premium Packs available now with a Free Starter Pack inclusive of four lessons, an extra color, and additional notes. The "Swapdoodle" add-ons will allow you to draw more doodles per note, get more than 45 pen colors, download different stationaries and boost your storage space.

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