iOS 10 Latest News & Update: New Security Breach Discovered, Here Is How To Resolve It

By Snooky Grawls , Updated Nov 19, 2016 07:40 PM EST

iOS 10 hasn’t exactly been the ideal mobile operating system on the end of Apple. It has been plagued by compatibility and security issues though the Cupertino company has come out with timely updates to fix the problem/s.

A consolation for Apple is that they have fended off iOS 10 jailbreaking intentions though a more severe risk in the form that could include data breach exists. For those following the previous one tied up to the iTunes backup flaw discovered by Elcomsoft, the current one new.

iOS 10.2 flawed?
iOS 10.2 was expected to be the best one Apple had to show, seeing how iOS 10 brought in lots of things that needed addressing. Sadly, a new breach has been discovered and it involves the use of Siri.

The controversy crops up when someone asks Siri the question of “Who Am I?” on an iPhone. Naturally, the voice assistant will skim the information of the phone and show off the owner’s actual phone number.

Once the iPhone phone number is shown, potent attackers can use FaceTime on another phone to target the device. Tapping on the messages can eventually be done and using VoiceOver (something that can be activated by Siri on request), attackers can key in any letter and gain access to the contacts of the said iPhone, Gizmodo reported.

Other than that, there are more things attackers can do in accessing the iPhone which places iOS 10 yet again in a bad light. Apple has not addressed this flaw as of yet, meaning it is up to owners to do the necessary, ZDNet reported.

Goodbye Siri for now
Seeing that the whole iOS 10 issue involves Siri, deactivating it from the lock screen could be best for now. This can be done by simply heading to the Settings > General> Passcode Lock. Head on over to the Allow Access When Locked option and turn Siri off.

It may be an inconvenience for iPhone folks turning to Siri for ease of use. But unless Apple resolves this for iOS 10, it may be best to temporarily resort to manual means for now. Check out the video below.

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