South Korea Refuses Using Local Mapping Data Due To Security Concerns; Google Disappointed

By Susmita Pathak Mishra , Updated Nov 20, 2016 10:19 AM EST

South Korea has refused to use local mapping data offered by Google and held security reasons responsible for such decision. The refusal came on Friday following the Alphabet Inc.'s unit's request to the nation to utilise its global maps service.

Google vs South Korea On Local Mapping Services

Google is known for handling its map services at centers outside South Korea and it wanted the nation to share its data with it. The verdict of refusal has, therefore, imposed restrictions on the use of the map services by people living in the nation. Like people of other countries, South Koreans will not be able to use an y app that could helps them with directions, Top Tech News stated.

The nation's government said that it would permit Google to use its mapping data if it would promise not to disclose information about the military facilities across the nation via its satellite maps. It requested the company to blur those parts for security reasons if they really desired South Korea to use the mapping services.

Land ministry official Kim Tong-il said that the nation made its position clear from the beginning. It always maintained that it would export the local mapping data to Google if it deleted the security stuff. He added that the company has denied their proposal and refused to delete those details.

Google Releases Statement On South Korea's Security Concerns

On the other hand, Google has expressed its disappointment over the refusal from South Korea. "We've always taken security concerns very seriously and will continue to provide useful map services in compliance with Korea's current map data export regulation," Google spokesperson Taj Meadows said in a statement.

According to Indian Express, the tensions between North Korea and South Korea have been escalating at a higher pace. It might be the reason behind the later refusing to export its mapping details to Google. Giving such data to Google, which does not operate on domestic data servers might prove harmful for the southern Korean nation.

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