'Pokemon Sun & Moon' Latest News & Updates: Will 'Pokemon Stars' Be Released With The Nintendo Switch?

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 21, 2016 06:00 AM EST

Following the news of the new Nintendo Switch is the report about a possible "Pokemon Stars" update. According to some sources, after the release of the new "Pokemon Sun and Moon," a third installment of the game called, "Pokemon Stars" will follow.

Speculations of a third game with improved visual aspects surfaced after a teaser was released for the "Pokemon Sun and Moon." There was a part where a Pikipek was shown via a high-definition model together with some shots that were believed to be concept art for the upcoming "Pokemon Stars."

More news from Eurogamer also mentioned that the developers of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" were also working with "Pokemon Stars" at the same time. They reportedly had to push back its release date in 2017 so they could focus more on the "Pokemon Sun and Moon." But, now that "Sun and Moon" have been released, the team can bring back its focus on to the coming "Pokemon Stars."

The blackout of information for the Nintendo switch may have sparked the rumors for "Pokemon Stars" but, it is definitely not the first time that Pokemon released a third game after a major release. Nintendo is known for releasing various versions like how the "Pokemon Yellow" came after "Pokemon Blue and Red" while "Pokemon Platinum" came after "Pokemon Pearl and Diamond."

Normally, the Pokemon games including the "Pokemon Stars" have been released for the portable handheld gaming devices, so it's a bit of a first time that it will be released with a console similar to the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch may still be considered a portable hand-held given it's capability to switch from console to hand-held.

Another feature that fans should look forward to with "Pokemon Stars" is its capability to communicate with the "Pokemon Sun and Moon." This will give players the capability to trade Pokemon via the Pokemon Bank in-game application.

Nintendo has not confirmed any news as of the moment and have mentioned that they have nothing to add to the topic. This is both bad and good because the hype can possibly make or break not only the "Pokemon Stars" release but also the Nintendo Switch release. If the developing team play their cards right, they will either have a huge success or another problem child like the nintendo Wii U or "No Man's Sky."

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