'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Update: Get To Know What Exciting Pokemon You Can Encounter And Catch In The Akala Island

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 22, 2016 04:02 AM EST

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has just recently been released and there might be some of you who just passed through and completed the tasks in the Melemele Island. If you are on the way to the Akala Island we'll help you walk through on the Pokemon creatures you might catch.

Here are some of the Pokemon you will encounter and add to your Pokedex in the Akala island in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" reported by WWG. First you have to pass through Route 4 that connects Heahea City and Paniola Town where you might encounter these Pokemon during the day Lillipup,Pikipek,Mudbray and Igglybuff.

Route 4 also includes, Evee, Grubbin, Jigglypuff, Espeon and Happiny during SOS battles in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon". During the night might also encounter a Ratata, Umbrein and the Crabrawlers which are hiding under the berry trees.Next stop is Route 5 where Fomantis, Caterpire, Metapod, Butterfree and Diglet can be found.

Bonsly and Sudowoodo can be obtained through a Pokemon Center and Bounsweet when you trade with other trainers in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon". In the Akala island, players have to pass through the Paniola Ranch were Tauros, Milktank and Evee are given as an egg and Magikarp, Gyarados, Barboach and Whishcash can be obtained through fishing.

In Brooklet Hill, players can catch Psyduck, Paras, Wingull, Poliwag and Dewpider during the day and Morelull and Surskit during the night while Goldeen, Seaking and Feebas can be captured through fishing. Players need to go fishing for Finneon, Tentacool, Wishiwashi and Alomomola in the Brooklet Hill's Totem Den in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

In the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Route 8, you can catch a Salandit, Fletchinder, Stufful, Wimpod and Chinchou. In Route 9, when you fish you can encounter Mereanie, Corola and Luvdisc. Ghastly, Phantump and Zubat can be found in the Memorial Hill. In the Akala Outskirts, Gumshoos and Nosepass can be obtained. In Hano Beach players can catch Staryu, Sandygast and Pyukumuku when surfing.

Lastly A Nihilego can be found in the Diglett's Tunnel in the Wella Volcano Park in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" when you finish the main story. This includes a Xurkitree in the Lush Jungle and Memorial Hill. A Tapu Lele can be found in the Ruins of Life on the Akala island of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon".

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