'Pokemon Go' Latest News & Update: Rare Shiny Pokemon Appearing Soon In v.0.47.1 ; Will The Unseen Ditto Finally Be Available?

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 21, 2016 01:06 AM EST

Another update for "Pokemon Go" v0.47.1 will be released next week and dataminers already has some scoops on what is coming to the popular mobile gaming app. Dataminers have discovered that there will be possible appearances of the unsual and very rare "Shiny Pokemon".

Dataminers from The Silph Road got on hold of some data files of the "Pokemon Go" v0.47.1 where they discovered a file that was labeled "Shiny". There was also an audio file that was discovered where it plays when a player has successfully captured the Pokemon which sounded very "enthusiastic than the normal".

The dataminers reminded the players that the data files found might be map files or graphics for the "Pokemon Go" v0.47.1. They have previously discovered that the "Shiny" and "Rare" labels for the files were available in the APK.

The dataminers have also declared that there were no new Pokemon creatures that was seen in the Pokedex or the nearby trackers. If ever this update will be added to the "Pokemon Go" v0.47.1, players might come upon a different "Shiny Pokemon" than the usual from the different Pokemon games.

Another discovery from the dataminers is the transforming Pokemon, Ditto that might finally appear in the "Pokemon Go" v0.47.1. They obtained some new codes added in the update so that "Pokemon Go" players could stumble upon and hopefully catch a Ditto.

There is also an additional special sound effects related to Ditto's special Transform ability as well a dark purple background graphic for the "Pokemon Go" v0.47.1. Niantic that might finally bring the transforming Pokemon to your Pokedex.

The v0.47.1 version of "Pokemon Go" has also updates for the Pokemon trackers and new sponsors were discovered. The discovered codes will conceal the "sightings radar" when there are only a few Pokemons nearby.

There might be changes in Combat system in the "Pokemon Go" v0.47.1. There were also clues for some new sponsors which can advertise their products using the Pokestop. We'll keep you updated here on GameNGuide for more "Pokemon Go" news.

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