'Final Fantasy' Was Nothing But A Mix Of Games Multiple Games Like 'Super Mario,' 'Kingdom Hearts'? 'FF XV' Overhauled Combat System Offered In DLC

By Mia P. , Updated Nov 22, 2016 01:34 AM EST

"Final Fantasy" is said to have crossed over a multitude of games. In some games, it was just a brief shout-out while in others, Square Enix has allowed a more full blown experience with the famous characters from the franchise. The game once had a cameo in "Secret of Evermore" and appeared in a Super Mario game too.

First off, "Final Fantasy" is known to have a major influence on the "Kingdom Hearts". It was said to have begun from an elevator pitch by the "Final Fantasy" producer, now Brand Manager Shinji Hashimoto to a Disney Executive. The series is said to feature a "Final Fantasy" style characters and story with a Disney-based setting.

Another game that featured different characters from "Final Fantasy" was the "Secret of Evermore". The game is said to be the black sheep of the legendary lineup of Squaresoft on the Super Nintendo. Note that the main character of "Final Fantasy IV" Cecil Harvey starred as a merchant in Ebon Keep in the "Secret of Evermore", Screenrant reported.

In 2006, Square Enix developed a basketball game for the Nintendo DS and acquired a Mario license from Nintendo. The game would later be called "Super Mario Hoops 3-on-3". Square Enix then added "Final Fantasy" characters to the Mario game. The playable versions of Cactuar, a Ninja, Moogle, a White and Black Mage may be unlocked by progressing through the game.

In other news, the "Final Fantasy XV" has already taken almost a decade to develop. However, the most notable changes are said to be in the game's combat system. The DLC now includes Online Co-op plus the PS4 Pro patch is said to improve resolution as well as frame rate, among others, Gamespot reported.

"Final Fantasy XV" also features Noctis' multi-blade fighting style. For instance, a Greatsword may be used in the primary attack flurry but the combo may turn to a swift strike later on. The combat system first featured minor balance adjustments with the Episode Duscae 2.0 patch which was later patched with the Platinum Demo with a complete game overhaul. Watch Final Fantasy XV Combat System Changes here:

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