‘Watch Dogs 2’ Gameplay, News & Update: Ubisoft Confirms Game’s Drastically Low Sales; Game Developer Remains Optimistic! Find Out Why

By Arianne Gift , Updated Nov 22, 2016 05:26 AM EST

Sales did not turn out so well for "Watch Dogs 2," a statement made by Ubisoft confirms. However, the Spanish video game giant is positive that sales will improve in the weeks to come and will turn out a big hit like its predecessor, "Watch Dogs 1."

"We're incredibly happy with critics' and players' very positive reception of 'Watch Dogs 2,' which should bolster support for the long-term success of the game," the developer said in a statement shared with GameSpot. "It is true that first-day and first-week sales for a number of big games, including Watch Dogs 2 and titles from our competitors, are comparatively lower than previous versions in previous years," Ubisoft added.

How "Watch Dogs 2" Got Outperformed

Eurogamer reports that "Watch Dogs 2" placed second in UK's numbers company Chart-Track, behind "Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare's" third week release. Stats show that the numbers for both games were close, adding that "Watch Dogs 2" almost made it to the top.

However, sales for "Watch Dogs 2" indicate lower than 80k, which is a far stretch from "Watch Dog 1's" 380k. On the other hand, sales for "Infinite Warfare" were also down at 46 percent.

The numbers somehow serve as an echo to what Ubisoft expressed earlier this month. During an earnings call, CFO Alain Martinez reported that preorders for "Watch Dogs 2" did not quite meet their expectations. Martinez was quick to back the statement with a positive note saying that "strong post-launch support" will see an improvement in sales.

More "Watch Dogs 2" Updates

Things have not been exactly smooth-sailing for "Watch Dogs 2" as of now. Prior to launch, Ubisoft decided to disable its seamless online multiplayer mode. Reports suggested that the functionality will be turned back on over the weekend, but it hasn't quite happened yet. A Reddit thread states that it's making progress, though no updates have been made so far.

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