Chrome OS News & Update: ChromeBooks Sports New Material Design! Should We Expect For A Stable Release?

By M PEO , Updated Nov 23, 2016 04:47 AM EST

Chrome OS users are optimistic that their ChromeBook will get the latest offers that Google has for them. While Chrome OS still continues to develop, some changes have been seen with their ChromeBook after receiving the update like it is a new material design.

The updates that Chrome OS users enjoy continued to be revealed as the days pass by. The updates can be obtained by switching users' ChromeBook to Developer channel without much technical instruction. Owners can try Developers channel by going to Settings Menu under the gear icon. Click About Chrome OS, then hover to more info and click channel then choose developer.

One of the previous update includes having to enable Google Play Store that will allow users to access millions of Android apps available. But according to Chrome Unboxed, Chrome OS has also been redesigned to fit the existing material design look which makes ChromeBook look classy and sophisticated. There is also a significant change in the active app shelf where the white bar underneath is gone and a simple dot is placed.

The Chrome OS clock and notification area have been replaced with a simple and clean design. The menu under the clock area has a new neat layout partnered with new icons, but it still has the same features. Moreover, the Splash screen has changed a bit give emphasis to a simpler look.

From the recent report, Microsoft has officially allowed ChromeBook users to use Microsoft Office for Chrome OS. This means a full access to all Microsoft programs can be enjoyed. However, it is only free for the devices that have below 10.1-inch display size. There will be a charge of $6.99 per month if your device is larger than 10.1-inch screen size.

Meanwhile, other Chrome OS users are disappointed that some of them can't get an access to Google Play Store after switching to Developer channel. The Developer channel is mostly for testing purpose only. It is expected that after switching to Dev channel there will be some issues and bugs.

Technically, Google uses the Developer channel of Chrome OS for its dry run of updates that it plans to release in Stable channel. This only means that there will be more updates to be seen in the coming weeks or probably a Stable release in 2017.


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