Xbox One S vs Xbox One: Which Microsoft Gaming Console Is Better?

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Nov 23, 2016 07:58 AM EST

Microsoft has just released its latest gaming console to rival Sony's PS4 Pro. We've all been treated with a plethora gaming upgrades and updates this year. Nintendo has teased us with its portable/room console in Nintendo Switch and we were also intrigued by a handheld personal computers that can play Steam games via a Kickstarter project called the Smach Z.

This is really a season to be jolly for gamers around the world. Owners of the PS4 Pro are now able to enjoy 4K games and marvel at the introduction of high dynamic range (HDR). Is Microsoft's new console worthy of such comparison?

Xbox One S vs Xbox One

In the official website, Xbox One S has dramatically shaved off a lot of its size. It's 40 percent smaller than its predecessor. Don't be fooled by the size, though. Higher models of the Xbox One S include 2 TB of storage, while all models now have an internal power supply. Microsoft's new console also supports 4k like the PS4 Pro and hints that they have a better HDR technology packed at the Xbox One S.

The new console from Microsoft has also upgraded the modest kinect port in favor of the IR blaster. The upgrade is a more efficient take on connectivity as owners are now able to operate their TV sets and other entertainment devices. Speaking of entertainment, gamers can now also enjoy streaming their favorite movies from Netflix and Amazon Video with 4K Ultra HD.

Final Take On The Xbox One S

According to Forbes, Microsoft's new console is a good upgrade from its predecessor's flaws. If you are looking to bank on a good console with 4k native resolution and a profusion of upgraded features. However, according to experts and gamer opinions, the real deal has yet to hit the shelves next year when Microsoft unveils Project Scorpio.

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