Play Station VR News & Update: Play Station VR Named One Of The Best Invention Of The Year By Time Magazine. How Did The Technology Deserve The Title?

By KILAT , Updated Nov 24, 2016 08:05 AM EST

Time magazine annually filters through several inventions to make their list of the best inventions for the year. This year, Sony's Play Station VR made it to the prestigious list.

According to Time Magazine, Play Station VR made the list because it allows access to ground breaking virtual reality technology to more people. People do not need to shell out thousands of dollars for a computer system powerful enough to support virtual reality technology.

Play Station VR has a relatively affordable price tag making it readily available at $400 compared to the $800 HTC Vive. Play Station VR's compatibility to the Play Station 4 console, which millions of gamers already own, makes it not as exclusive as other virtual reality technologies.

The Play Station VR is priced at $400, works with a Play Station 4, which also tags at least $300 and a Play Station camera. The Play Station camera comes in a bundle with the Play Station VR Worlds and two Move controllers at $499.99. Play Station VR was launched October and according to Sony, sales are on track.

According to a review by Gamespot's Jimmy Thang, he cannot wholeheartedly recommend Play Station VR at this point. He is a fan of virtual reality technology but Play Station VR has too many faults.

Some Play Station VR designed game title makes people nauseated. Jimmy Thang recommends holding out purchasing a Play Station VR until better titles come out or a better technology comes in.

He added that Play Station VR is affordable but not as immersive or as crisp as the HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift. Play Station VR also uses a PS4 instead of a very pricey PC gaming system which is a positive point for the gadget.

Some game titles available for Play Station VR are Rocksteady's "Batman: Arkham VR," the "Job Simulator," "Wayward Sky" and "Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood." "Batman: Arkham" VR was said to be exciting but short, the "Job Simulator" was hilarious, tear-jerking "Wayward Sky" did it's job and "Until Dawn: Rush of Blood" is a horror game that is truly horrifying.

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