'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Updates: Cheats Causing Glitches [VIDEO]

By Kevin Panganiban , Updated Nov 26, 2016 11:55 AM EST

Both "Pokemon Sun and Moon" have recently been on some rough tracks as there have been reports online of a major glitch in the system renders the Pokemon game unplayable, as the second green goes unresponsive and even the avatars disappear. 

According to Tech Times, the players thought that the bug originally came with the "Pokemon Sun and Moon", especially when Ray2R uploaded a video online that showed the bug in action.

However, the glitch happens to people who uses PKHeX, it's a well-known save editing software that uses cheats to get better monsters in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon". That's why the creator of PKHeX recently called everyone out who's saying that the glitch is happening within the game when they actually used a tool for it.

Those who haven't done anything with their saved files are safe from the glitch and doesn't need to worry about losing their game progress. However, those who have tinkered with their saves might want to think of another way to play the game as Game Freak might not be able to solve their issues.

Meanwhile, Kaphotic has recently announced that the major bug that caused the glitch has been patched and resolved. The patch for the program recently came out on November 18. It caused the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" system  to shut down and the avatars to disappear. The glitch can be fixed by updating their software to the latest one.

However, be reminded that the program is not associated with GameFreak and might cause your game console to be sanctioned. It would be better to play the game is its intended to be instead of tinkering with "Pokemon Sun and Moon" cheats. Players who used the cheating program still has an option to revert back to their saved game's original state.

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