'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News and Updates: Who Would Win in the Battle of Lunala and Solgaleo?

By Kevin Panganiban , Updated Nov 26, 2016 11:30 AM EST

It's been almost a week since "Pokemon Sun and Moon" has been released and people can still feel the hype. This has been expected since the latest RPG games were considered as the "most pre-ordered games" exclusively for Nintendo 3DS.

The games have been receiving rave comments since it was released and Nintendo fans are quite pleased with the gameplays. But whichever game you're currently playing on, one of the factors that might have influenced your choice would certainly be each of the game version's Legendary Pokemon, according to report.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" each has their own Legendary Pokemon: "Pokemon Sun" has Solgale, while "Pokemon Moon" has Lunala. Since both Pokemon are Legendary, we are all sure that both of these Pokemon are powerful, but you still can't help to ask, which is stronger: Lunala or Solgaleo? 

Pokemon Sun- Solgaleo

People who chose "Pokemon Sun" would get Solgaleo as their Legendary Pokemon. Solgaleo is a Steel/Psychic Type Pokemon and has a base stat of 680. It also has an even distribution for its HP and Attack at 137 and has 107 defense stat. Although it's Speed is only at 97 and has a Special Defense of 89, Solgaleo's special attack is at 113. It's weak against Ground, Ghost, Dark, and Fire-type Pokemon.

Pokemon Moon- Lunala

Those who got "Pokemon Moon" will get Lunala as their Legendary Pokemon. Although it has less type weakness compared to Pokemon Sun's Solgaleo, Lunala receives heavier damage when it's attacked by Ghost and Dark type Pokemon. Both Pokemon Sun and Moon's Legendary Pokemon has a base stat of 680.

Lunala has a considerable stronger Special Attack with 137 and a Special Defense of at least 107. It has the same speed with Solgaleo at 97 but has a much lower Defense and Attack stats with 89 and 113. Lunala also has 137 HP.

A Battle Between Lunala and Solgaleo

If we compare both Solgaleo and Lunala's statistics, Lunala has better Special moves than Solgaleo, but Solgaleo has an edge when it comes to most heavy hitting moves. When it comes to both the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Legendary Pokemons' health, Lunala may be able to sustain heavier damage since Solgaleo has more type weaknesses compared to Lunala. And when it comes to "Pokemon Moon" Lunala's Shadow Shield Ability, it can resist attacks much longer than Solgaleo.

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