'Final Fantasy XV' Launches Tomorrow, News & Update: Guide on Choosing Which FFXV Version to Purchase

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 27, 2016 09:00 PM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" will finally set in the hot seat tomorrow, Nov 29th as Square Enix launches its best franchise in the gaming world. There will be Day One, Deluxe Edition, Digital Premium and Collector's Edition but are they worth it? Worry no more because GameNGuide is going to help you make a decision about which "Final Fantasy XV" to pick.

Starting with "Final Fantasy XV" pricing, here are the choices from priciest to budget friendly. Day One version is best suited for pocket conscious with its $51 price tag albeit basic full game but limited game merchandise. Then comes Deluxe and Digital Premium at $76 and $85 respectively. Deluxe gives away a Blu-ray copy of "Final Fantasy XV" Kingsglaive movie while Digital Premium comes with additional game controls and a season pass.

"Final Fantasy XV" Ultimate Collector's Edition is the priciest by far compared to others, yet it gives the total experience after a decade of waiting. This one points at $267 but comes with all contents coming from other versions plus more. Apart from Kingsglaive, there is Blu-ray Brotherhood movie as well. There is a Noctis action figure and several exclusive "Final Fantasy XV" weapons too!

Another reason to guide on choosing "Final Fantasy XV" version is the season pass. Since Square Enix confirmed tons of post-release support, season pass should be a determinant factor. There will be "Final Fantasy XV" booster pack, holiday pack, special DLC and of course, season pass is way to go, Game Idealist reported.

Now to cap up, we will give "Final Fantasy XV" expectants some points to ponder. Day One presents the game without ruining your funds but better options come at the versions escalate. However, keep in mind that season pass can be purchased separately at same price tag so be guided accordingly. While "Final Fantasy XV" Ultimate Collector's Edition might be the best there is, they are unfortunately sold out even during pre-order period.

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