'Diablo 4: Dream Warriors' Latest News & Update: No Blizzcon Update, Expect 'Diablo 3' Expansion DLC Instead

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 28, 2016 06:49 PM EST

Gamers that spans across two generations know what Blizzard's staple is - "Diablo 4: Dream Warriors" and expect Blizzcon will reveal something about this title. Serving as a wick that lit the anticipation is constant announcement from Blizzard that they are hiring people to work on undisclosed project. Could this be the anticipated "Diablo 4: Dream Warriors" or just another Reaper of Souls extension?

As gamers are trying to dissect all leads that could point to "Diablo 4: Dream Warriors" all crossed fingers suddenly dip low because it was "Diablo 3" all along. No "Diablo 4: Dream Warriors" is en route this year nor the next, unless Blizzard is cooking a shocker in months to come. Not even the 20th anniversary of Diablo franchise can push for new iteration.

Having presented the current turn of events, let us divert a bit from "Diablo 4: Dream Warriors" and look ahead of "Diablo 3" in 2017 instead. While gamers are floating the idea of remastering the original 1996 "Diablo" everyone should admit that Blizzard is always looking ahead and never have stepped back to revive a title. But come 2017, there will be a compromise with "Diablo 3" and the good old days, IGN reported.

What will happen while waiting for "Diablo 4: Dream Warriors" are dungeons and maps from the original 1996 game to be fitted in current "Diablo 3." Think of the classic look and sound effects as well while employing the modern gameplay and characters, Venture Beat said. This is a compromise of nostalgia and modernity of the whole Diablo franchise - a marriage of past and future.

Again, the only sad part is the missing "Diablo 4: Dream Warriors." At any rate, gamers are still lucky that Blizzard is continually bent on giving updates and DLCs to all of its titles from "Overwatch" to "Heroes of the Storm" all the way to beloved "Diablo 3."

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