'Nier: Automata' Lastest News for PS4 & PC: Release Date, Expectations, Observations, Machine World & More!

By Switchy Sam , Updated Nov 29, 2016 10:41 AM EST

"Nier: Automata" is another sequel from the previous Nier game released before. The said game features a nice variety of other action-RPG games, which also contains nostalgic elements about mankind's ruin.

The free-roaming capabilities of this game make it the game for players who love to explore the world of ruin and discover some hidden easter eggs just like in other games. Players can do anything in the game and level up the character's skills as players progress through the story. The said game will be released sometime on February 23 in Japan and PC versions in early 2017 that connote somewhere between January to April.

Returning characters from the old Nier series

People feared that someday machines will take over the dominion against humans. Such prophecy is featured in "Nier: Automata" and follows a story about a girl named 2B. Going back to the game about androids and machines created from otherworldly invaders, other returning characters are present in the old Nier series are present.

One post from Gematsu mentions the Commander, Adam and Eve, Operator 6O or 21O. The most common characters that players know is the support machines such as the Pod 042 and Pod 153, which will accompany 2B and 9S through their journey. New weapons are also added to enhance variety and diversity.

Duo attack, boss battles, and familiar places

Since this game is a free roaming game, "Nier: Automata" never loses the sight and idea of bosses. The boss fights are intensified and players must use the skills of 2B to succeed. The skills can vary from shielding and defense, to offense and agility. The items and parts players kill can gain them points to further enhance those skills and deal more damage later on as they progress in the game.

Mentioning about almost doing everything, one video from a group of Japanese people trying out the game for the first time. Boar riding and deer riding can be done in the game. To do this, one must give food to the deer and boar to ride it. Animals like these can be used to hasten traveling around the vast world.

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