Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, News & Update: Launch Date Delayed Due To Major Changes?

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 30, 2016 02:54 AM EST

After the chaotic Note 7 issue of Samsung, the tech giant is now focusing on their upcoming product, the Samsung Galaxy S8. Reports have been saying that Samsung is eyeing big changes for their latest unit and that fans will definitely appreciate them but, will the launch date be pushed back due to the ruckus caused by Note 7?

Contrary to previous reports, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly carry a higher internal RAM and will raise the internal memory to 256 MB. The memory will also be expandable as Samsung Galaxy S8 tries to retain what fans truly love about their units and the Galaxy experience. This allows the fans to have the convenience of expansion and to backup files in the most convenient way.

Samsung has responded to critics that they will not push for the 8GB for the Samsung Galaxy S8 to avoid making the battery drain faster. It is also a safety precaution since too much strain on the battery will generate excess heat especially if it's in an enclosed space.

Ever since their battle with the Note 7, Samsung has been very careful with battery issues and they have been assuring their consumers that their units are all safe and reliable. The same thing cannot be said about Samsung SDI, their battery company affiliate.

Samsung may have dodged the issue but, SDI is still facing all the after effects. The battery supply arm of Samsung is still in the process of assuring their customers like Apple, that all their batteries are safe. The company has already lost about one-fifth of their value on the market despite being ready to venture into new products like electric vehicle batteries and they should be ready to bounce back with the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Fans of the Samsung Galaxy S8 have been assured that bigger updates will be announced soon and that the batteries are in tip-top shape. Samsung assures their consumers of quality and they are more than ready to bring them high level features. The Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to be launched in 2017 and until official news are released, the delay of the launch date will remain as a rumor.

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