'Final Fantasy XV' Release Date, News & Updates: Was It Worth The Wait?

By Maine Lemorge , Updated Nov 30, 2016 03:40 AM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" has been released and it was definitely worth all the wait. Fans all over the world have been raving about the game with various tips and tricks sprouting online. Now, join us in this epic road trip and let's discuss some tips for the "Final Fantasy XV."

Compared to the older versions of Final Fantasy, you can already take various side quests and battles to upgrade your hero's skills. You can now skip all the grinding and get straight to exploring the world of "Final Fantasy XV." As you do this, you can already earn different abilities, cash and gear depending on the level of difficulty of the quest.

Having the ability to skip small or tedious side quests is one of the good points of "Final Fantasy XV." Compared to old MMOs, you will not be forced to complete tasks that does not contribute directly to the main storyline.

Another refreshing change to the "Final Fantasy XV" is the action game-like battles. You will only be controlling Noctis and you already have the ability to dodge and even block attacks. Your buddies will act on their own and the combat scenes are much faster and satisfying.

For a better gaming experience, sources have shared various tips so others can have an excellent gaming experience. First of, focus on building your techniques like Ignis' regroup technique and the AP- granting ability. Buy only the essential items but do include all the Final Fantasy CDs in town and hold on to your Ascencion coins. Take your time and do not speed up with every chance you get. Learn what sidequests to complete. It is a must to upgrade your weapons and learn to block, target the back and other body parts. Lastly, save manually and always be on the safe side with "Final Fantasy XV."

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