‘Final Fantasy XV’ Features A Nostalgic Live Action Trailer Alongside The Game’s Release [Watch]

By Ceage Sotto , Updated Nov 30, 2016 07:51 AM EST

Square Enix has finally released the long awaited continuation to the "Final Fantasy" franchise. Alongside the release of the "Final Fantasy XV" is a promotional live action trailer titled "Stand Together." The one minute 28 second promotional trailer features a group of kids trying to take out a huge monster before being saved by the game's main characters.

The video featured on the "Final Fantasy XV" official website starts off with a bunch of kids setting up a trap for a gigantic monster. The monster activates the trap and detonates some sort of explosion. The monster is unharmed, though, and the kids run through the forest and one of them stumbles prompting the other kids to defend their fallen comrade thinking this would be the last of their days. The monster winds back to deliver a final blow but Noctis,Ignis,Gladiolus and Prompto show up to defend the kids.

The monster is vanquished and the kids are in awe. The coolest thing about the video is the inclusion of the game's main theme in the background of the promotional trailer. Florence + the Machine's rendition of Stand By Me truly delivers a nostalgic theme of camaraderie and friendship that is true to the title of the short skit: Stand Together.

'Final Fantasy XV' Took Game Developers 10 Years To Finish The Game

According to IGN, the game took 10 years to develop and was dubbed as a side story to "Final Fantasy XIII.". The game was announced together with XIII's launch at E3 2006. It was first named as 'Final Fantasy XIII Versus" and the development was led by the team behind the classic collaborative masterpiece "Kingdom of Hearts 2." It was not until E3 2013 that the game was announced to be featured on Sony's PS4 and would be rebranded as "Final Fantasy XV."

In 2014, the Tokyo Gameshow provided tons of new information regarding the game. Tetsuya Nomura, the game's lead honcho had to leave the development to Hajime Tabata, the visionary behind the fast paced action RPG "Final Fantasy Type-0." Amid backlash involving the male characters of the game and previous setbacks, the game is finally available to play. 

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