Facebook 'Instant Games' Latest News & Update: 'Pac-Man' 'Galaga' 'Space Invaders' And More Games Now Available On Your Newsfeeds And Messenger

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 30, 2016 03:10 PM EST

Facebook has officially launched their latest Facebook Messenger feature called the "Instant Games" in over 30 countries including Australia and New Zeland. Facebook users can play a lot of familiar games from the past using the "Instant Games" like "Pac-Man", "Galaga", "Zookeeper", "Space Invaders", "Words With Friends" and 14 other games.

The "Instant Games" is available once you go the controller icon in the Facebook Message box and it is also available on the Newsfeed's "Instant Games" tab. According to The Verge, the "Instant Game" has an HTML5 cross-gaming platform service that allows the users both on their mobile phone and the web.

Facebook has released games like the soccer and basketball mini games to in the Messenger App last March as an experiment and has been played a billion times. "We now know that gaming can be a popular thing on Messenger based on our little experiments with soccer and basketball," David Marcus, head of the "Instant Games" Messenger app said to Mashable.

One of the latest additions to the "Instant Games" is the 1980s Japanese-arcade style game "Pac-Man" developed by Namco and was considered as a gaming icon during that era. Another game developed by Namco included is the shot-em up arcade game "Galaga" which was also released in consoles.

Facebook recently released a PC gaming platform named the "Gameroom" while Facebook Live is one of the streaming tool used by the Blizzard game. "Instant Games" is the latest addition in Facebook's diversity in focusing gaming feature on the social media site.

Facebook users can play the "Instant Games" together with their friends on the Messenger app while Public leaderboards will be keeping track of the high scores. Facebook is planning to release more similar gaming platform in the future to keep the users interested in using the social media site. Stay tuned here on GameNGuide for the latest updates on these exciting new games on Facebook and the Messenger App.

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