'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Latest News & Update: Quick Guide On How To Catch A Ditto In The Ula'ula Island

By Jason Glenn , Updated Nov 29, 2016 09:00 AM EST

One of the most notable species in the Pokemon games is the shape-shifting Dittto who can mirror the opponent's Pokemon, including its stats. Ditto is one of the uncommon Pokemon in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" and even thought Ditto only has average stats and IVs when it comes to Pokemon battles, the transforming Pokemon is very useful when it comes to breeding certain Pokemons especially the rare ones.

Here is a quick guide on how you can obtain a Ditto in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" according to WWG. The players must first arrive in the Ula'ula Island which in the south eastern and the third out of the four islands in the Alola region and head directly to Malie City.

After the player has meet Professor Kakui in the Malie Gardens, he can then proceed to Rout 10 straight to Mount Hokulani in "Pokemon Sun and Moon". Mount Hokulani is the first island trial and the second largest mountain in the Alola region where they need to wait for a bus at the bus stop on the dirt road.

The players can then walk through the tall grass on Mount Hokulani near the Hokulani Obsevatory to find the transforming Pokemon, Ditto. The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players will also have to go through Pokemons like Cleffa, Fearow, Scarmory, Beldum and Miniur and get a 10 percent chance in catching Ditto.

When you catch a Ditto with an above average IVs you need to let them participate in an SOS Battle where they can gain more IV than the wild ones in the "Pokemon Sun and Moon". The Ditto can be very useful in breeding rare Pokemon, if your rare Pokemon doesn't have a male or female counterpart you can use the Ditto to partner it with in the Day Care center to produce an egg.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" players can also check the Global Trade System or the GTS where you can determine if there is any available Ditto. If you want more tips and tricks here about "Pokemon Sun and Moon" be sure to check back here on GameNGuide.

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