'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: FFXV Manifests Display Problems in Older Monitors, Blame Screen Region For This

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Nov 30, 2016 07:53 PM EST

The gaming public should admit that even AAA game titles are teeming with bugs and problems so "Final Fantasy XV" is no exception. Ok, AAA game titles is actually less prevalent in these bugs as opposed to what gamers believe. The argument can be made that these titles are always on the spotlight for the reason that they are top of the line.

Square Enix admits that there are issues turning up and the development group are doing everything to round them up. The most pressing of these "Final Fantasy XV" problems are HUD cutting off and messed up display elements. It turned out that display issues are both simple and complicated at the same time.

It seems that "Final Fantasy XV" interprets screen data natively but did the job wrong for older gaming monitors. While newer TVs have no such problems, older ones have higher tendency for false resolution. Meaning, "Final Fantasy XV" ditched the screen region setting so gamers have to content with how the game will read screen data. Remember that older 1080p capable screens have fewer controls so in turn results to display problems, TechRaptor said.

Comparing how "Final Fantasy XV" will run for older screens, the culprit could be default overscan feature turned on. Most of these monitors don't have the option for turning it off resulting to HUD being cut off. "Final Fantasy XV" HUD runs on the screen edges and can't recognize old TV displays. This led to some images getting blurry or worse if text and subtitles themselves are being cut off, as was discussed in FFXV support forum.

Gamers should admit that these problems are not present during "Final Fantasy XV" game demo. Players with older monitors have experienced the problem only after official release so it created a whole new field for confusion. It appears that "Final Fantasy XV" used friendlier screen region configuration back then.

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