'Grimm' Season 6 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update: Nick & Sean Reconcile; Adalind Makes Tough Choice; Spin-Off Show Confirmed? Plot Details

By Christian Ver Marcelo , Updated Dec 01, 2016 08:33 AM EST

A slew of good news awaits the fans of "Grimm," as Season 6 is set to premiere next month, bringing more conflicts to the show. The season will also give answers to the questions from last season, and a spin-off is rumored to be released after "Grimm" Season 6.

For the show's final season, "Grimm" Season 6 is set to air 13 episodes. With the very exciting season, new conflicts are expected to arise to challenge the characters. To balance things out though, Nick and Sean, respectively played by David Giutioli and Sasha Roiz, will be ending their own conflict this season.

In "Grimm" Season 6, Nick will still protect the community and fight the Wessens. Meanwhile, Sean will gain the Zauberbiest abilities, and is rumored to be the next mayor of Portland in "Grimm" Season 6. This would be largely due to the fact that he now has the ability to manipulate people in his favor.

According to some reports, Nick and Sean will finally confront each other in "Grimm" Season 6, which will eventually lead to them resolving their issues. Other changes in the fate of the characters are also bound to happen. Adalind, played by Claire Coffee, is going to make the tough decision to be with her kids, leaving Nick in "Grimm" Season 6.

Moreover, the questions left hanging in "Grimm" Season 5 will finally be answered in the upcoming season of the show. David Giuntoli will then be directing an episode in the show's final season, "Grimm" Season 6. In line with this, fans have made a petition for the series to be extended, but still has not been received well yet.

Fret not, though, as fans could still see the world of "Grimm" in another show. It has been rumored that a spin-off series will be aired right after "Grimm" Season 6. The show may the focus on the Wessen family, especially their hybrid child.

New characters are also expected to join the season. They will then bring new excitement to "Grimm" Season 6. Also, Nick will still do his cop duties while concealing his true identity as a Grimm. "Grimm" Season 6 is scheduled to return on January 6 next year.

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