‘Super Mario Run’ Release Date, News & Update: Everything We Know So Far! New Nintendo Mobile App A Costly Game?

By Staff Reporter , Updated Dec 01, 2016 06:49 PM EST

The coming mobile app "Super Mario Run" for iOS users is now making noise. The automatic runner platformer game is believed to become the best mobile app that could go head-to-head with Niantic's "Pokemon Go."

'Super Mario Run' Gameplay

"Super Mario Run" is a new Mario game that could be played by one hand through iPhone, iPad and even on iPod touch. However, Nintendo has yet to announce if it will come on Android devices.

Unlike "Pokemon Go," "Super Mario Run" can run by itself but players still have to surpass the challenges in the game. The users, too, will have to fight the enemies to collect coins and reach the iconic flagpole.

'Super Mario Run' Release Date, Versions, Countries & More!

According to Daily Express, "Super Mario Run" will be released on Dec. 15 only for iOS devices in the U.S., U.K. and worldwide. It will be unveiled in a total of 151 countries and regions in English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian and Chinese versions.

The iOS users can download "Super Mario Run" from the App Store for a free trial version that will let the gamers experience the three modes first. But, if the players want to continue playing, they have to pay $9.99 for an unlimited access of the game's modes.

Is 'Super Mario Run' A Costly Game?

Meanwhile, it has been known that most of the mobile games are free to play, but it is gaining its profits from selling virtual stuff that will help them to improve their gaming experience, Wall Street Journal reported. "Super Marion Run," on the other hand, is considered a costly game for having a $9.99 price tag, but it is not the only paid mobile app.

Microsoft's "Minecraft: Pocket Edition" and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.'s "Heads Up!" are one of the famously paid games. However, Nintendo made a surprise when it announced the coming of "Super Mario Run."

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