Nintendo Mini NES Stock News & Update: Mini NES Now Available In UK Retailers Argos And Tesco

By Arah TJ , Updated Dec 01, 2016 10:07 PM EST

The latest Nintendo Mini NES Stock news  and update may give joy to NES fans. A new report suggests that classic-themed has been spotted in Tesco in the U.K.

The Nintendo Classic Mini NES has been available again in the United Kingdom retailer, Tesco. However, the availability was only in limited quantaties from Tesco Direct on Wednesday, Nov. 30. As expected the console has been sold out in no time.

The U.K. retailer Tesco has sent emails to its customers informing them that new Nintendo Classic Mini stock had been released. Before many people could respond, it was snapped up quickly, according to Express U.K. One shopper took Twitter to inform everyone that the Tesco Direct website was out of stock, just after a few moments she received her email. 

During Black Friday 2016, Nintendo Classic Mini was spotted at U.K. retail stores like Tesco and Argos. Despite a few flaws of the replica version of the classic NES, fans are still craving to get one. 

Some shoppers who got the Mini NES complained that the controller is too small. So one fan found a way to fix the flaw- he made a giant version.  In a previous report, the giant NES controller has been available at eBay. However, this item has been racked up bids for more than $500.

The giant NES controller may be useful for gamers who find difficulties in using the Mini NES controller.It can be actually used as a console to play the classic  NES cartridges like "Duck Hunt" and "Legend of Zelda."  

Here are the classic games that can be played on Nintendo Classic Mini: "Balloon Fight," "Bubble Bobble," "Castlevania", "Castlevania II: Simon's Quest", "Donkey Kong", "Donkey Kong Jr.", "Double Dragon II: The Revenge," "Dr. Mario," "Excitebike" "Final Fantasy," "Galaga," "Ghosts N' Goblins," "Gradius," and "Ice Climber." For more updates on the Nintendo Mini NES, check back here in Gamenguide!

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