'Final Fantasy XV' Latest News & Update: Ready To Conquer The Secret Dungeon On A Flying Car? Details Revealed!

By Andrea Lou , Updated Dec 01, 2016 10:52 AM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" has been a real hit for gamers, selling about 48 percent of the initial shipment on the first-day release in Japan alone, according to reports of a PAO manager in Gekicore-Gamelife. Gamers around the world are playing non-stop to discover the secrets and techniques this hit RPG has to offer. The nonstop play-to-the-end has finally paid off because the secret of flying the airship has been discovered and a hidden dungeon is even unearthed.

First things first, the following article might be a spoiler, so you'd better head back now if you don't want to know the techniques of "Final Fantasy XV". The placement of the dungeon as well as how to get there will be covered shortly. 

The dungeon in "Final Fantasy XV" is located near the Rock of Ravatogh, according to Jason Schreler of Kotaku. To reach this part of the game a Regalia Type F is needed. To acquire the airship, you have to go through all the 3 Niflheim bases. Upon conquering a base, a special item will be given to you and these 3 items hold the key to the airship. Once you have the 3 items you need to go to Cindy, who will then upgrade your car into an airship, the Regalia Type-F.

Using the Regalia Type F, you can now soar freely to the world of "Final Fantasy XV." The airship can only be landed on roads. It basically makes traveling easier for you and the gang. To reach the secret dungeon, you have to go to the Rock of Ravatogh near the corner of the map. A yellow line can be spotted among the rocks, this marks the spot on where to land the Regalia. After you landed the airship, you can walk to the dungeon at night. You have to get through the platform and reach the roof to call it a success. You can collect a couple of items just by going through the Pitioss Ruins.

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the new "Final Fantasy XV"  video game.


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