Boost your hacking skill in Saints Row 4

By Luke Caulfield , Updated Aug 29, 2013 04:54 PM EDT

Given Saints Row 4's Matrix-like plot, of course you'd be able to pull some Neo like shenanigans and hack the planet like a mid-90's Matthew Lillard (hope that's not too obscure a reference for you). After all, no matter how damaging the wub wub gun is, it's only going to take you so far in a virtual simulation...inside a video game. How's that for meta?

Alongside Saints Row IV's other new features is that of hacking store, which is a quick way to stockpile greenbacks. Greenbacks are good, ergo, hacking is good. But you'll need to sharpen your skills before you can become "the one," Keanu Reeves style. In the game, players can earn the Hacking - Extra Time ability, but only if they complete certain missions, specifically, ones that Keith "No, I won't put on the glasses" David gives you as part of the Situation Recognizes quest line.

Players will begin these missions after unlocking unlimited sprinting, so as soon as you've done that, head over lickety split to Keith. Below are the list of missions he'll saddle you with, and what you'll have to do to complete them in order to get the hacking bonus:

* Clear out the Zin - Make like Hudson and Hicks and clear out all the aliens in Steelport's Burns Hill.
* Upload the Virus - Computer related? You're on the right track, though you'll be staying away from tech in this one. Clear out four waves of enemies in Loren Square.
* Steal the Target Vehicle - Head to Henry Steel Mills in Steelport, jack the Lockdown vehicle, and drive it back to Loren Square
* Finish the Blazin' Challenge - This is a bit of a pain, but not crazy difficult. Go to Espina in Steelport, where you'll take part in a race. Do your best not to come in last. 
* Talk to Keith - Finally, go back to your ship and find Keith. If he's satisfied with your performance on the missions, Hacking - Extra Time bonus is all yours.

Now, go forth and make bank as an "1337 hax0r."

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