'Arrow' Season 5 Episode 8 Latest Spoilers, New& Update: Why Black Canary Aka Laurel Lance Is The Main Focus Of The 100th Episode

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 01, 2016 10:59 AM EST

"Arrow" Season 5 Episode 8 has just been aired and marks its 100th episode of the entire series that brought out a lot of memorable characters back to the show. The 100th episode is part of the annual crossover together with "The Flash", "Supergirl" and "Legends of Tomorrow" which featured the deceased Laurel Lance a.k.a The Black Canary as the central focus of the episode.

"She is such an essential figure to the show. She was the second lead on the show. Even though the show has evolved, Laurel is at the heart of it," "Arrow" Season 5 Epsiode 8 executive producer, Andrew Kreisberg said. "Even if we do get to 200 episodes, Laurel will always be at the heart of the series and be such an important character -- and on top of that, Katie Cassidy will always be so important to us," he continued via an interview with TV Guide.

In the alternate reality in "Arrow" Season 5 Episode 8 courtesy of the The Dominators, Laurel Lance and Oliver Queen were engaged and are set to get married while the Queen's Gambit tragic incident never happened. Both Oliver and Thea Queen's parents Robert and Moira Queen are still alive and well.

In "Arrow" Season 5 Episode 8 was also the reunion of the Canary Sisters, Laurel and Sara Lance where they get to bond with each other. Sara's death back in Arrow season 3 was the reason why Laurel took up the identity of The Black Canary and brought Sara back to life via Lazarus Pit in season 4.

"Arrow" fan favorites have also appeared like Colin Donnell as Tommy Merlin and Colton Hays as Roy Harper in a very special guest appearance in "Arrow" Season 5 Episode 8. Find out if the heroes could defeat the alien force, The Dominator as the last part of the "Invasion!" crossover continues with DC's "Legends of Tomorrow".

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