'Clash Royale' News & Update: Product Red Event; Something You Must Know

By Ralphy Bonn Sim , Updated Dec 02, 2016 05:19 AM EST

The "Red Event" of "Clash Royale" is meant to support and highlight the cause of Product Red, an organization that helps raise awareness and prevents HIV/AIDS in Africa. It's important to remember that Africa has the highest number of HIV/AIDS cases in the world.

And by participating in the "Clash Royale Red Event," players (exclusively for Apple) can contribute to the cause of the organization. Although the intention of the in-game event was pure, some fans from the community took it differently. Today, we're going to see how fans have reacted differently for the Red Event.

The Red Event is an iOS-exclusive event that enables players to purchase an exclusive "Red Pack" which all of its proceeds will then be forwarded to the organization and goes directly to support the testing, counseling and treatment of the natives in "Sub-Saharan Africa." According to the recent survey, 60 percent of all the people living with HIV/ADIS reside in the region.

The cause of this "Red Event" is undoubtedly pure but some players have taken it the other way around. The main problem stems from the fact that this is an iOS-exclusive event which means that for the majority of the fans that are using Android, this event is practically unavailable. Aside from that, some of the posts have stated that for months, they have requested for an alternative "Tower and King's Tower" skins from Supercell and this event is the only thing that will bring them closer to those requests but for some reason, the event was made entirely exclusive for one platform.

The "Red Event" will last this Dec. 6 and came with its critics that all of the in-game skins and aesthetics will be removed altogether. A fan stressed out his concern over the Red Event and all of the aesthetics that are available during the event.

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