'Pokemon Go' Release Date, News & Update: Complete Guide To Nearby Feature: How To Use It; Missing Legendary Birds and Mewtwo In Pokemon Go Gen 2?

By Henry , Updated Dec 02, 2016 10:58 PM EST

The "Pokemon Go" Nearby feature is expected to bring changes on the gameplay to make the Pokemon Go time become more effective. Initially leaked in August, this new feature is already available in the UK, which means it would be much easier for players in the said region to find out where the Pokemons are located.

The new "Pokemon Go" Nearby feature is very easy to use. First, to access the Nearby screen, tap the bottom right-hand tab. The nearby Pokemon are shown with a photo that was taken from the local PokeStop. After, tap on the chosen Pokemon, then tap the footprints below the Pokemon picture and location.

Pokemon Go map will then zoom to a top-down view to show the area near the PokeStop where the Pokemon was seen. When heading back to the normal Pokemon Go navigation view, the chosen Pokemon is marked with a pink footprints sign in order for the players to walk in that direction and catch the Pokemon. Once the player arrives at that location, the Pokemon will be found there, or a message will be sent to inform the player that the Pokemon has fled the scene.

Pokemon Go Nearby feature is reported to help the players make decisions on which direction to choose to make it easier to track the elusive Pokemon, Pocket reported. Meanwhile, rumors claim that Niantic will bring a huge Pokemon Go update this month, in addition to the 100 new Gen 2 Gold and Silver Pokemon.

However, there is no official announcement yet, except for some reports suggesting that additional data has been included for the Gen 2 Pokemon behind the scenes. It is said to be similar with the missing Pokemon such as the Legendary Birds and Mewtwo.

With Pokemon Go unveiling major updates every few weeks, a December update is expected to bring more fun to the game, Forbes reported. Watch New Pokemon Go Nearby Feature:

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