'The Last of Us' Remastered News & PlayStation 4 Pro Update: Resolution Dips from 1800p to 1080p, Frame Rate Jarred

By Regin Olimberio , Updated Dec 03, 2016 08:35 PM EST

"The Last of Us" Remastered patch for PlayStation 4 Pro was supposed to be a major leap for game developer Naughty Dog towards eye candy visuals. However, this patch for current mid-generation Sony console but it appears worse.

Players are now debating over the quality that "The Last of Us" Remastered presents although it was supposed to bring in better consistency for PlayStation 4 Pro. Naughty Dog boasts several bug fixes and performance meant to be at par with PS4 Pro. Then the game developer capped that "The Last of Us" Remastered can handle high-definition display natively at 1080p. Further, the game was intended to achieve seamless gameplay at higher frame rate.

Now here is the catch, gamers have reports trickling down from "The Last of Us" Remastered patch and it doesn't sound good. In fact, most are saying that it looked worse especially when super-sampling to 1800p resolution. Even the fast-paced actions appeared jarred with no down-sampling to 30 frame rate, Expansive reported.

Gamers were also caught unaware when Naughty Dog apparently dropped "The Last of Us" Remastered from 1800p to 1080p resolution. Remember that such drastic move can lead to performance drop of about 1 or 2 frames. Consider as well that those previous setting for "The Last of Us" Remastered cannot be maintained with lack of in-game performance tweaks. Meaning, players have to suffer the unexpected change.

Meanwhile, this "The Last of Us" Remastered patch applies for players with 1080p monitors. This led to another interesting report that players with expensive 4K monitors only experienced negligible performance drop but the 1800p quality is still the same, a Polygon review states.

To recall, it is not only "The Last of Us" Remastered that reaped criticisms after opting to handle PlayStation 4 Pro. There are other titles who tried for a patch but resulted into unsavory feedbacks. Did you experience any problem after patching "The Last of Us" Remastered? After all, you have the final say in this matter.

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