‘Super Mario Run’: Made Available To IPhones And Ipads; Available On Android By 2017?

By Lester Mondragon , Updated Dec 04, 2016 05:07 AM EST

This coming December 8, 2016, Shigero Miyamoto will beat the Apple store in New York. He is the Designer and Game Developer of Nintendo and the General Manager as well. Miyamoto will be giving a talk on the "Super Mario Run" video game that could be played with a single hand. An entertainment chat with "Super Mario" fans and with emphasis of the essence of enjoyment of playing the game.

In this video game, "Super Mario Run" will be always moving forward with controlled and timed tapping for his jumps while in traverse and coin collection until he reached his goal, according to itunes.apple.com.

In "Super Mario Run", there are three modes of the game. The first mode single player mode is the World Tour. This mode is timed and "Super Mario" has to collect as many coins as he can before he runs out of time. "Super Mario's" achievement on this mode is necessary so he can win over Bowser to save Princess Peach. It is also better to avoid those Goombas or crash them under Super Mario's boots. This mode has 6 worlds that "Super Mario" has to traverse with twenty four new course to tackle.

The second mode is the Toad Rally. In this stage, "Super Mario" has to impress the toads of his smart moves so he could persuade the toads to join him. The collection of toads in this mode is essential for the next mode to pursue.

After collecting as many toads as "Super Mario" can, he will now utilize the frogs in the Mushroom Kingdom, which is the third mode of "Super Mario Run". The player can use the toads to unlock items that can be used to build "Super Mario's" own kingdom as explained by an article in C/Net.

"Super Mario Run" is being contemplated by its makers to install it on androids or 2017. It costs $9.99 in the US and price varies worldwide to download the game.

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