'Pokemon Go' News & Update: Tips And Guide On How To Effectively Use The Latest Nearby Tracker

By Jason Glenn , Updated Dec 04, 2016 03:39 AM EST

After Niantic has deployed its update for the nearby tracker for "Pokemon Go" to rest of the United States as well as releasing it in Europe there are still some players who are not familiar in using the nearby tracker. Despite its backlash, it received in the rural areas it is still a very effective tool in finding your desired Pokemon.

Here is a quick guide on how to use the latest nearby tracker of "Pokemon Go". Kotaku reports that the new tracker is located in usual place which is the bottom right of the main screen and it displays a maximum of nine Pokemon near the player's location.

The "Pokemon Go" players will see the image of the Pokemon and the image of the PokeStop in a circle bigger than the Pokemon's image where it locates the Pokemon nearest to the player. Players might only see common Pokemon in their tracker and might not help you in tracking the Pokemon you need.

The "Pokemon Go" players might have to go through every street just for the tracker to determine the location of the Pokemon the players want. For instance, if a player desires to catch a Pikachu found on the tracker, the PokeStop will appear with a "little bubble" together with some footprints.

There might be some footprint that will only display three footprints to the "Pokemon Go" players but it will enable them to locate the Pokemon directly next to the Pokestop. The players can click the PokeStop for the corresponding Pokemon and the tracker will point where the Pokemon is in the map.

When the "Pokemon Go" player is already in the location of the PokeStop they now need to walk around and the Pokemon will appear shortly and capture the Pokemon using Pokeballs. However the trainer must make sure that they are located in an area with an abundance of PokeStops.

The nearby tracker is not fully functional in the rural areas because of the limited availability of PokeStops but Pokemon players are encourage sending feedbacks to "Pokemon Go" official social media accounts where they can address this issue. Be sure to check back here on GameNGuide where we give the latest update of "Pokemon Go".

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