'Final Fantasy XV' Latest Hacks, News & Update : 'Final Fantasy 15' Tricks & Tips To Wait Mode; Activate & Take Advantage

By Yang Llaneza , Updated Dec 04, 2016 09:07 PM EST

"Final Fantasy XV" introduces a whole new style of combat to the legendary RPG franchise. The latest "Final Fantasy" instalment is one that is rougher than fans of the series may be accustomed to.Final Fantasy XVdirector Hajime Tabata exposed a new Wait Mode style of fight for the game during an E3 2016 stage exhibition.

What Is FFXV Wait Mode

In the game, Wait Mode affects how time functions in battles. In Wait mode, as soon as the player stops moving, the mode starts working. When Wait Mode is activated, player's character can still move and perform functions. However, once it is activated, a timer will appear at the bottom of the screen. Its duration varies depending on your difficulty setting. When the timer reaches zero, the player is back in the normal mode of the game according to Final Fantasy15guide.

How To Activate FFXV Wait Mode

This new feature in "Final FantasyXV" is quite simple to activate. Player only needs to pause the game. Next is to go to the Options menu. Click Combat, and toggle from Active to Wait.

How To Activate FFXV Wait Mode Longer

For a player who chooses to have a longer wait mode, he can always toggle the difficulty settings. To enable this, go to the pause menu, choose Difficulty, select Switch to Easy. Given a lower difficulty setting, enemies become weaker and the wait mode is extended. This will also give the player a longer time to revise his decisions.

Where to Use FFXV Wait Mode

Wait mode can be used by pressing R1 or the RB button when you are out scanning an enemy's weakness. Also, it can be utilized for instances when the player is looking for a point-warp location which allows Noctis to recover. Another good reason to use the Wait mode is when the player is targeting a precise area-of-effect spell.

In addition, the player can locate a sniper or hidden enemy prior to the release of attack which causes lots of damage to the player's party. Wait mode also enables the player to check out who is targeting whom. The blue lines specify player's allies attacking and the red lines point where the enemy is aiming their attention. This is particularly helpful to use when the player's party is outnumbered by the enemy, according to FinalFantasyWikia

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