New Battlefield 4 details point at personal weapon customization, sniper rifles and more

By Prarthito Maity , Updated Sep 23, 2013 11:52 AM EDT

EA DICE’s upcoming first-person shooter, Battlefield 4, is said to have some powerful weapons in store for fans, alongside some equally powerful customizations. Now, happily, there’s more new information to follow up on these customizations.

According to the developers, Battlefield 4's customizable options, including triple the number of weapons and accessories present compared to previous games, were stimulated by player feedback. An assault rifle for example can be equipped with more than 240,000 combinations of accessories, camouflages, and optics.

“We’ve always strived for great weapon balance and numerous customization possibilities over the years, and now you can expect an even greater amount of depth. Listening to our fans, we’ve worked with everything from perfecting that sense of “oomph” in our guns, to bringing back some favorite weapons to Battlefield 4 – all of which have been completely rebalanced,” the official post for the same states.

While going through the available in-game accessories, players will notice “a handy visual guide” on the right side of the screen. This guide is present to educate players on the present weapon stats such as damage, accuracy, hip fire accuracy, range, and stability.

For example, players can “Slap on the Laser Sight” and “see the hip fire (accuracy) bar go up. Attach an Angled Grip on a rifle and you’ll notice an increase in the weapon’s stability. This interface is designed to encourage experimentation and make your Battlefield 4 experience even more rewarding.”

Another new feature, especially for the ones more prone to use sniper rifles, is the ability to “zero” the rifle scope. This allows players to estimate the distance of the target and calibrating the scope to compensate for the bullet drop.

“Zeroing your scope is an advanced technique and won’t make you perform perfect headshots every time, but for those skilled enough to approximate distance it will be a welcome strategic addition. To bring even more variety to all of our Recon players, we’ve also added a 40X zoom scope for extreme long-distance sniping, as well as a new 2X scope magnifier that you can bring to the front of existing 1X scopes to increase your optics options on the fly,” the report adds. See here for more details.

Additionally, a brand new footage has arrived for the game’s multiplayer mode that offers further details about the in-game weapons. Check below for the details on new weapons:

ACE-52: A Carbine rifle which shoots heavy rounds and can fire up to 26 rounds in one magazine.

UTS-15: Equipped with 15 shells, it’s a pump action shotgun which takes a bit longer to reload than the usual shotguns we know. Players have the option to equip it with laser pointers.

SVD-12: Similar to previous models of SVD but with more shots this time around. The gun offers a good range although it’s a bit weak as far as damage is concerned.

DBV-12: A magazine fed auto shotgun.

ACE-21: Similar to ACE-52, but with 36 rounds and a faster fire rate, but slightly lesser damage.

CSLR-4: Chinese bolt action sniper rifle.

SRR-61: Coming of age sniper rifle with the option to be equipped with a range finder.

Battlefield 4 is scheduled to release for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on Oct. 29 in North America and Nov. 1 in Europe, with versions for PS4 and Xbox One arriving in Q4 2013. Check below for the video.

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