'Horizon Zero Dawn' Release Date, Game Details & In-Game View Announced By Guerilla boss Hermen Hulst

By Switchy Sam , Updated Dec 05, 2016 07:10 AM EST

"Horizon Zero Dawn" already has its sights on February 28, which is the release date exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Now, Guerilla boss Hermen Hulst revealed some chunks of details that will be in the game including the secret RPG elements that can be seen when players have a keen eye on numbers and each detail of the game.

Just like what was mentioned by Guerilla boss Hulst, the game is perfect for viewing at each angle, which makes it an entire masterpiece. Together with weather and day-to-night structure, the game will tell the story about Aloy and her journey in uncovering the secrets of the machines that invaded the Earth.

The RPG elements that can be seen in the game

Now, "Horizon Zero Dawn" is not just any rip-off copy of another game, but it is a unique one ever created by Guerilla games. During the developer demo of the game, Mark Norris, the senior producer of the game mentioned the elements that can be seen in the game.

First, he mentioned about the damage value inflicted to the enemy. Little numbers can be seen each time Aloy damages an enemy, sometimes called a floating value, which is an RPG element so players can track how much damage they inflicted. The video below shows the overall gameplay including the senior producer's reveal about the said game.

Discovering the mystery of Aloy, the main character in the game

Furthermore, Norris also mentioned about the compass, which is present in the top middle of the screen. Somehow reminds us of the compass in Skyrim so players can track where to go, depending on their quests. The tribes present in the game is not only limited to two , but there may be a lot from different biomes around the world. "Horizon Zero Dawn" is an open world game.

Based on the report from Gamespot, Hermen Hulst mentioned that the game is like a "BBC documentary", considering the view, the area, and the environment surrounding Aloy and other tribes. The game will be released this February 28, 2017. One important mystery that needs to be solved on Aloy's true origin is an art of the game players need to go through.

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